One change that I would like to see in the future of media would be social media. It seems as if it takes time away from people and their lives. I would want to see the speed at which social media is used sped up. There is nothing worse than hanging out with somebody and they just sit there on their phone or computer. I would want a new technology to come out that could end this phase. Personally I am not a big social media person to begin with. That is most likely why I want to see a change in this aspect of media. I realize some users of this media would not want change but if it could be made easier than maybe they would come around. If all social media websites could be condensed into one this could make life significantly easier for social media users. I think that some kind of change needs to come in the future and I hope sooner rather than later. By condensing media it would also be nice if those using social media could speed up the process at which they view it. It would be awesome to get rid of that awkward moment of friends just staring at their phones while you just sit there and wait for them to finish. Making some sort of new device to do this could be the key. Evolving others we are with into our social media use could also be another way to better social media usage. A new way to do this could maybe be through our televisions. I think the impact of these types of changes would be very beneficial to the way we use social media today.